Italian steak on a Grill

Steaks are high-quality beef taken from the hindquarters of the animal. They are delicious and great source of proteins. Steaks are famous throughout the world whether its America, Italy or France. There are different variations in the recipe of steaks according to the place but all of them taste great. Whether you eat steak in a casual dinning or in a fine dining, they will taste great. There are various cuts of beef, from which you can prepare steak. Some of them are extremely expensive but there taste is worth it. The price of the steak depends on the marbling of the fat between the meat fibers and the breed of cow. Steaks are great for weekend’s party, invite your friends over and enjoy the weekend. While you are preparing steak for so many people, it’s better to buy an averaged price cut such as chuck or flat iron steak.

However, today we will discuss an Italian steak recipe that is great to enjoy with your family, they may cost a little bit more but you will surely enjoy the taste. On your wedding anniversary, prepare this delicious steak and surprise your spouse.

To prepare this steak you will need to marinate the beef a day before. Go to your butcher and ask for two bavette steak, it’s a skirt steak little bit different in texture, but so delicious. Now for marinate you will need two bay leaves, little bit of rosemary and two cloves of garlic. Smash all of them in a mortar and pestle. Once they are properly pounded, add extra virgin olive oil in the mortar and pestle and mix them properly. Now apply them on the steak pieces and let them marinate for about a day.

Now on the next day, take your steak out the refrigerator and leave them until they reached the room temperature. Meanwhile start your gas grill, for that checks the gas supply or the level of propane in the tank. Once you are satisfied, ignite the fire with the help of lighter and let the grates of  best gas grills be flaming hot on a high heat for about fifteen minutes. Make sure to clean the gas grill grate. Now take two portobello mushrooms and very thinly slice the front of the face. Once your gas grill is hot enough place these mushrooms of the gas grill, face side down without any seasoning so that it will give a nutty flavor. After that season your steak with salt and pepper and gas grill, them for about three minutes each side. Also, gas grill the cherry tomatoes along with the vine and with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper.

Once you are finish with grilling your steak, add a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and let it rest for about seven minutes. After that plate all of the ingredients, place mushrooms face side up, a wedge of lemon, a rack of cherry tomatoes and a sliced steak (must slice your steak against the meat grains). Add the juices captured from the steak and that are mix with olive oil and balsamic vinegar over a mushroom and steak pieces. Now season rocked with little bit of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Place them on the side of the plate and dress the rocket with Parmesan.